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I feel conflicted posting about this again, as it's just adding fuel to a mindless quest for attention, but maybe you're interested. As previously reported, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas (a.k.a. the "God Hates Fags" crew) is coming to picket outside Grant High School tomorrow.

Why, you may ask, do they want to target innocent high school kids with their bile-filled propaganda? Think again... maybe those kids aren't so innocent.

WBC to picket Grant High School because they need these words more than they need air to breathe. Today's youth are violent brute beasts who are good for absolutely nothing. Their parents, teachers and preachers did that to justify their own sins.

Students were debating whether to participate in a counter-protest, but Grant principal Joseph Malone told them to stay far away from the gay-haters:

Staff, Students and Parents:

The staff and students of Grant HS have decided NOT to engage in any of the
Westboro Baptist protest on Thursday, June 3rd. Instead we will have a
student only assembly on the steps into the auditorium from 7:25 — 8:05 that
morning. At 8:05 the students will then go to class. This is being done
for the safety of the Grant High students.

We would like everyone to honor the student and staff voices in addressing

Thank you.

Joseph Malone

(via JustOut)

Malone tells the Mercury that the church scheduled its protest for 7:30 to 8:05, when students are usually outside before class. Tomorrow, he'll be keeping them indoors.

The principal doesn't feel threatened, even though the church singled out his high school: "I don't know why Grant was chosen, but I know that the best way to respond is not to respond."

The school already has responded, in a sense: when they learned of the visit from Westboro, says Malone, "the teachers and the staff did a lesson plan on free speech and how far it can go before it crosses a line."