Don’t you just hate it when you leave a party early, and for weeks afterward, have to endure your friends endlessly recounting all the drama you missed? That’s pretty much what’s been happening to me ever since I got the hell outta Dodge and left Humboldt County, California a few weeks ago.

Just a couple weeks after Arcata police reported an increase in bad acid trips, the latest in weird news from our neighbors to the south involves a mixed martial arts fighter, messages from god and a human heart.

Jarrod Wyatt, a 26 year old mixed martial arts fighter from Crescent City in Del Norte County is being held as a suspect for the alleged murder and torture of his friend Taylor Powell on March 21.

Jarrod Wyatt
  • Jarrod Wyatt

After leaving a Crescent City bar that night, Wyatt and Powell returned to a house with two other friends where they took psychedelic mushrooms.

The Times-Standard reports that Wyatt "became preoccupied with the idea that a tidal wave was coming, that the end of the world was upon them and that a struggle between God and the devil was taking place."

After several violent altercations Wyatt allegedly murdered Powell and made an 18-inch incision in his chest and removed the man’s face. Afterwards, he told police that he had “seen the devil” in Powell, who he had trained with in mixed martial arts.

Wyatt told police that he had cut out Powell’s tongue and removed his heart. He then cooked the body parts in a wood stove in order to “stop the devil.”

Wyatt is currently facing first degree murder charges, which may not hold if it is determined that the murder was not premeditated. Wyatt’s defense attorney claims that he was having a psychotic breakdown when the events took place.

Sorry, Ned. But that is a real Worst. Night. Ever.

via The Huffington Post