When Hollywood eventually makes this into a movie, I hope Martin Lawrence nabs the role of Cowbot
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  • When Hollywood eventually makes this into a movie, I hope Martin Lawrence nabs the role of Cowbot

With only 8 days left before Stride Gum's "Save The Arcades" contest rumbles to an end and one lucky American gaming parlour nabs $25,000 in cash, ducats, and other colloquial synonyms for "money," I thought it was time to remind you all of how you can help convince Stride that Ground Kontrol is not just the mac daddy of video arcades in Portland, it is in fact also the daddy mac of video arcades in these United States.

As I explained the last time I mentioned the contest, lending Ground Kontrol an assist is as easy to popping on over to the contest website and playing a custom-built Flash game.

Behold! Official details straight from Ground Kontrol's website:

Play Stride’s “Save The Arcades” Game and Help Us Win $25,000!

Ground Kontrol is a finalist in Stride Gum’s Save The Arcades contest! The grand prize is $25,000 and we need YOUR help to win it. Here’s how:

1. Surf on over to the Stride Save The Arcades website and register an account. You can’t donate your points without one!
2. Play COWBOTS 2010.
3. Donate your final score to “Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade.”
4. Repeat as often as you like, and tell your friends! (Remember to sign in before each gaming session.)

The arcade that receives the most points by June 15th will win the prize.

Which begs the question — what would Ground Kontrol do with the prize money if we won? As luck would have it, we’ve been working on plans to expand our second floor so we can feature more of the classic games you love. But…we’ve had a hard time trying to figure out how to pay for it. If we come out on top, you can bet we’ll put every last dollar to work bringing you more games and more fun. So, put those well-honed arcade skills to work and show your love for the best arcade in the Pacific Northwest! Thanks to all of our customers and fans in Portland and beyond for your support!

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The nice bonus this time is that Ground Kontrol is already holding down first place, so lending your support is really more a matter of keeping the home team floating atop the bullshit offerings from possibly imaginary cities like Rowland Heights, California and Winter Park, Florida.

Speaking of competition, where you at Barcade? Too busy handing out promotional hummers and bags of blow in Williamsburg to Vice Magazine interns and would-be indie pop promoters to show up for Stride's contest? Ground Kontrol would've trumped Barcade anyway, so maybe next year Stride is going to have to match us up against Akihabara's finest just so this contest has a bit of drama to it.

Until then however, click through to Stride's website and do your duty as a Portlander. We all know that Ground Kontrol is the best arcade out there, and its time the rest of the planet learned its place.