Portland's annual theater awards ceremony is tonight at the Crystal Ballroom, an event of some interest to the theater community and virtually no interest to the public at large. For the past few years I've enjoyed drunkenly liveblogging the thing, but I won't be able to make it this year—I would like to follow along on Twitter, though. #drammys?

Here's the list of shows in the 2009/2010 season that were considered for Drammys this year. I'm bummed not to see Trek in the Park on the contenders list—and once again, Fall of the House isn't on the list either, presumably thanks to fine print requiring that a production run for 8 consecutive productions (ie, I think the serialized nature of Fall of the House disqualifies it, and Trek's run wasn't long enough). Both of those shows really reached beyond typical theatergoing audiences, bringing some exciting new energy to the scene, and they deserve recognition for that. But there's plenty more good stuff on that list. My predictions are after the jump.

Actor in a Lead Role: Tim True, American Buffalo, Third Rail. F'real.

Actress in a Lead Role: One of the Third Rail actresses, for The Gray Sisters. Val Stevens? Maureen Porter? Pick an actress. Or maybe a Grey Gardens nod for Rebecca Eichenbeger or Janine DiVita.

Director: Hrm. Nancy Keystone, maybe, for her work on The 39 Steps at Portland Center Stage.

Ensemble: Dog Sees God, CoHo Productions—this script (which imaged the cast of Peanuts as high schoolers) was so fucking terrible, and the cast was so fucking charming. It'd be nice to see them get some recognition either here or in the young performer category. Or, Everyone Who Looks Like You, by Hand2Mouth—not my favorite show of theirs, but a strong example of truly ensemble-generated work.

Outstanding Production: Tough one. American Buffalo, I think? Or maybe Snow Falling on Cedars, on prettiness alone, though the acting was kinda shit.

Lighting, Set Design: Snow Falling on Cedars at Portland Center Stage. This show was gorgeous.

Actor in a Supporting Role: The completely hilarious Melik Malkasian, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents; or maybe Matthew DiBiasio in This Lime Tree Bower, though I suspect his performance may have been so understated as to be overlooked.

Actress in a Supporting Role: I thought Lara Kobrin was really great in defunkt's A Country Doctor. It'd be nice to see a relatively unestablished actress pick this up.

Young Performer: Lauren Steele, Rocket Man—This show was pretty terrible, but Steele's performance great.

I have no opinions about musicals at this moment.

Shows that I regret missing include Re-Theatre Instruments Teeth of the Sons (which was, by all accounts, a marked improvement over the objectively awful shows this company previously produced) and Ursula by Our Shoes Are Red/the Performance Lab. I'm also curious to see if defunkt wins anything for 4.48 Psychosis—all the other critics in town loved it (or at least didn't want to admit in print that they didn't get it). And Portland Playhouse deserves a nod for a great season—maybe Radio Golf will wind up in the Outstanding Production category? Tonight will tell....