As I reported yesterday, everybody loves Ginuwine's 1996 hit, "Pony." There's a blog devoted to YouTubes of people sadly dancing alone to "Pony" and today there's yet another new blog with my favorite new internet meme of the year: Bros Ponying Bros. It's a combo platter of Dancing Alone to Pony and Bros Icing Bros, in which if someone approaches you and plays Ginuwine's "Pony," you must start doing the "Pony" dance—no matter where you are. EXAMPLE!

However! The "Pony" victim can block a "Pony" by playing "Pony" himself, thereby making the "Pony" instigator do the "Pony." EXAMPLE!

Unfortunately any attempts to "Pony" me will be thwarted, since I spend three-quarters of my day doing the "Pony" anyway. CHECK OUT MORE, HERE! PONY!!