• Sexy?

We've got a killer Food Issue in the works, Blogtownies [Look for it July 1st!], but we need a bit of help from you. We'll be crowning Portland's Sexiest Restaurant and you get to nominate your favorite!

We'll be judging what's sexy using three categories:

Looks — Of course. We're talking atmosphere here, not necessarily staff. Think classy, pretty, or even cute. We don't care just as long as it's an attractive place to have a meal.

Smarts — C'mon, we're not that shallow. We know that intelligence and creativity are sexy. We're looking for a smart, creative menu that excels in flavor and interest.

Approachability — There's a lot of sexy out there, but what's the point if you're never going to get a chance to enjoy it, or don't even want to? Think affordability and personality here.

With that in mind, nominate away! And don't forget to give a reason or two for your nomination. Then check out the Mercury's Food Issue to see if your favorite has won.