• Lindsey Rome

Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you stuff the America's Best DJ competition ballot boxes in favor of Jersey Shore's Pauly D. Beat up the beat, dude.

Jamie Lidell keeps it raw and funky on his latest recording, Compass. If you enjoy his back catalog, you'll find this album to be the perfect balance between Multiply and Jim.

Jamie Lidell - "The Ring"

Like rock and roll music? Good, then you have probably heard an artist that is influenced by the great Bert Jansch. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, and countless others have borrowed from the Scottish folk legend.

Bert Jansch - "Needle of Death"

Cross another emo sub-genre off the list: Emotronica sensation Baths makes cute bedroom electro-pop tunes and—judging by his promo photo—loves puppies.

Baths - "Hall"

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