The New York Times has a write-up of this new Harry Potter amusement park business at Universal Studios:

It’s just as well that there’s only the one truly outstanding ride in Wizarding World, because rides aren’t really the point; workmanship is. This attraction was made for the kind of people who have more or less memorized Ms. Rowling’s books, and it shows in all sorts of details. The weathering of the stone to make it look indefinably old. The way the snow sits on the rooftops, just on the verge of melting.

Even the somewhat scatological has not been overlooked. Not only are there lifelike owls in the rafters, but there is also lifelike owl guano on the wood beneath them. Moaning Myrtle, a ghostly character from the books, can be heard in the women’s restroom. Or so I’m told. She can definitely be heard in the men’s restroom. And yes, it’s creepy.

I'd do more than copy and paste a segment of the story above, but I'm too busy trying to convince my girlfriend that flying across the country this weekend to drink butterbeer and go on a ride called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is totally worthwhile.