Police are investigating two alleged gay bashings that occurred this week, on the heels of a high-profile assault of several drag queens that sparked a public forum and a quick response from the Attorney General's office over the past week.

The police still have not arrested anyone for that assault, but their hands are full with two new incidents this week.

The first alleged crime occurred at 1:30 AM Thursday morning, Just Out reports. Three gay men were leaving the Silverado club downtown when they say they saw some guys harassing women on the sidewalk, according to police reports. The gay guys told the alleged harassers to lay off, the harassers hurled homophobic slurs back at them and started following them, at which point the queer guys called the police. As one of the guys was dialing 911, one of the harassers headbutted him in the nose. Police arrived and are now investigating the incident as a bias crime.

That same day, a man wound up in the SW 11th and Main apartment of some people he says he owed money to, according to the police. He says he was held in the apartment and assaulted while his attackers called him gay slurs.

The police arrested five Portlanders for the second incident, charging the crew with Kidnap in the First Degree, Robbery in the Second Degree, Assault in the third Degree, Intimidation in the First Degree, and Coercion.

Stephen Cassell, who helped organized last week's forum on the bashings, says the rash of recent assaults might be nothing new. "It seems like now all of a sudden all these bashings are happening, but I’m not sure they weren’t all happening before, too, but now police are now starting to do something about it and get involved in the queer community," says Cassel. Thanks to outcry over the downtown May 30th assault, you can now report hate crimes anonymously online.

Mug shots of the people arrested in this incident are below the cut. They're quality Busted material. They appear to be in some sort of mohawk cult?

UPDATE: Mayor Adams will be hosting a press conference about these arrests the morning of Tuesday, June 15, at the Q Center on Mississippi.

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