OIL! Is it news anymore when we find out the oil spill is worse than we thought? Cause it is worse than we thought.

DRUGS! This week, 429 people were arrested for connections with Mexican drug cartels.

BOATS! The 16-year-old sailor who went off-the-map yesterday got in contact today and is just fine.

RIOTS! In south Kyrgyzstan, 12 people have been killed a recent outbreak of violence.

THE COURT SUPREME! Looks like the Reps finally have something on Supreme Court nominee Kagan. And, that's right—it's memos!!

WORLD CUP!! I would really like to be able to report who's winning the first world cup game... it's either Mexico or South Africa.

CATHOLICS! The Pope asked for forgiveness from God for the sex abuse scandal, today, from the Vatican.

CHEATERS! Teachers have been tampering with test scores due to pressure from standardized testing programs.