First of all, it was Wm. Steven Humphrey himself who forwarded me the link to this thing that I'm about to share, and it was he who asked me to write about it. So keep that in mind before we get too much further.

Apparently there is a newish movie out internationally called I Love You Phillip Morris. Apparently it describes itself as a "gay con caper." Apparently it stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor.

And apparently this film will never be shown in commercial movie theatres in the U.S. any time soon, due to some graphic gay content, which as we all know the standard American movie consumer simply can't stomach. But! Lucky you, we've got a (decidedly NSFW) little gem of a clip from this film for your eyes and your eyes only.

Run don't walk, after the jump...

I present to you: "Jim Carrey is Giving This Muscle Daddy a Pounding," courtesy Queerty.

(PS, the Merc's Queer Issue comes out next Thursday, thanks)