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The 6th annual Portland Underground Film Festival started yesterday at the Clinton St. Theater, and some great independent films are going to be playing all weekend long. I asked Seth Sonstein, owner of the Clinton St. Theater and curator of PUFF, why people should go to the festival. He had this to say:

People should go because PUFF kicks ass, and it gives a voice to filmmakers whose work does not have much of a chance playing anywhere else.

Although all of the movies in PUFF aren't spectacular, there are some films that you should make every effort to see. Stay tuned after the jump for a must-see list as well as a sneak peak at an extremely topical video playing during the shorts program of the festival...

I asked Seth which films shouldn't be missed, and he suggested the following screenings (all shows are only $6):

Friday, June 11th

Bike Porn 4Play: 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM (Several short films about bikes and, you guessed it, sex.)

Saturday, June 12th

The Shark is Still Working: 7:00 PM (Award-winning documentary on the production and legacy of the classic film JAWS. Director in attendance with Q+A following the film.)

PUFF Short Films Program: 9:10 PM (A collection of 12 independent short films. Some funny, some serious, and some just wrong (RE: Kiddie Bike Porn).)

Sunday, June 13th

Automorphosis: 5:00 PM (Award-winning documentary about people who "have transformed their autos into artworks." Or, interviews with weird people who drive weird cars.)

The Taint: 7:00 PM (Seth called this "the greatest independent film ever made." Apparently it features 100's of exploding penises after a tainted water supply turns regular men into "monsters who want nothing more than to crush women's heads with rocks." I am definitely watching this movie. Director in attendance with Q+A following the film.)

So, go to PUFF this weekend. The screenings are inexpensive, a lot of the films are made locally, and whether or not the films are amazing you are sure to have an enjoyable time. And, of course, 100's of exploding penises.

ALSO: Here is a short clip from an all-too-topical last-minute-entry that is apparently going to play in the shorts program on Saturday:

Click here for the full festival schedule. Also be sure to check out Dave Bow's review of PUFF from this week's Mercury.