El Prezzo will announce several response steps to the Gulf crisis tomorrow, including a proposal to set up an escrow account for BP to pay damages.

...if things keep going this way, the world's only immortal animal may be a "clear" winner. Get it?! It's a jellyfish! It's clear!

19 Arkansas residents are dead after a flood.

An earthquake near India triggers an ongoing tsunami watch.

Tony Blair says he hopes Israel will ease its blockade on the Gaza strip. In case you're wondering why Tony Blair is still relevant, he's the Middle East envoy for the "Quartet" (the U.S., Europe, the U.K., and Russia).

Up to 80,000 ethnic Uzbeks are fleeing Kyrgyzstan for Uzbekistan, after fierce fighting between ethnic Uzbeks and native Kyrgyz. Got that?

Best sentence of the day: "Five years after touching down on a distant asteroid, Japan's Hayabusa space probe returned to Earth on Sunday, landing in the Australian Outback after a spectacular fireball."

Ten days in, the Kyron Horman disppearance case is now a criminal investigation.

Parents at Jefferson High School are figuring out how to respond after a surprise school board decision threatened to close the school.