Gleaned from press releases, the interwebs, and that dark place behind the fridge, just for you.

The folks behind Simpatica and Laurelhurst Market are planning to open a Hawaiian joint on East Burnside that will be serving, among other things, “plate lunch.” What’s that, you ask? I know for sure it includes macaroni salad and rice. Stefan Kamph described the traditional island meal to me in lurid detail recently, calling it “greasy fried shit” in a take-away box. I’m looking forward to it.

Remember when I was asking questions about a hot shit chef moving in from Chicago a few weeks back? His place, Kin, is now open with very little fanfare. Go. Let me know how it is.

Little Bird
Gabe Rucker of Le Pigeon fame will be rocking a new location downtown called Little Bird. Chef Erik Van Kley who’s been working at Le Pigeon will be at the helm of the new kitchen.

Little Big Burger
Micah Camden (of the Killingworth resto-kluster Yakuza/DOC/Fats) will be opening up a burger joint on the Westside within bun-hucking distance of Powell’s. I’ve heard raves of his Yakuza burger, though I’ve never had the pleasure. Fingers crossed.

Other scraps:

Gruner is opening for lunch!
Ten 01 has a new small plates menu! has a snazzy site that works better than it used to. Food nerds rejoice!

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