White Powder Scare: Envelopes with white powder were mailed to federal officials in Seattle, Utah and Idaho. Tests show it was calcium carbonate, not anthrax but the feds are spooked.

BP Now Cleaning Up the Oil Spill With Paper Towels: I wish this was a joke, but it's not.


Who Was Regulating BP, Anyway? Responsibility for regulating the oil well that exploded was technically... the Marshall Islands'?!

Vigilante Hunts bin Laden: An American construction worker with a giant sword was arrested in Pakistan, proclaiming he would kill Osama.

Ethnic Troubles: Here's what's going on in Kyrgyzstan.

Public Money for Filmmakers? Only if the state is allowed to decide what your movie's about.

Slavery: Terrible. New report shows modern day slavery around the world.

Vuvuzela Controversy, Day 4: It's not banned from the World Cup, so you should learn how to play a Vuvuzela like a pro.