I'm a straight girl in a fantastic relationship with the greatest man I have ever met. Recently he has made the discovery that I enjoy cross dressing, pegging, and sometimes pretending to be a guy during sex—even being referred to as his boyfriend. While this doesn't bother him in the slightest (in fact he's totally okay with it for which I am grateful) it kind of bothers me. I've heard of many straight males cross dressing but no straight females and I was wondering if anyone else was in my situation. I've attended drag king shows dressed as a man but everyone who was convincingly dressed as a male was a lesbian. I don't wish to change who I am and I have no attraction to women. I just like pretending sometimes.

What are your opinions on the acceptance of straight male crossdressers vs. female ones? Are there any other straight crossdressing women like myself out there? What in the past have you heard about a situation like mine?

Fake Moustache

My response after the jump...


Babeland and Good Vibrations and Grand Opening don't sell all those strap-ons to dykes; there aren't enough dykes out there to keep strap-on merchants and manufacturers in the black. Lots and lots of straight couples get into pegging, FM. And most of the straight girls I've heard from over the years who enjoy slamming it into their boyfriends and husbands—the ones who aren't just indulging a male partner who wants to be pegged—have told me that they're turned on by assuming the male role, by inverting gender expectations, and that they dig feeling like men/fucking like men when they're slamming it into their boyfriends and husbands.

So you're not alone.

But so what if you were? You have a boyfriend who digs you, a boyfriend who shares your kinks, and you two are having a blast together. So even if you were the only crossdressing/assfucking straight girl on the planet who sometimes fantasizes about being a dude, FM, even if there weren't any other women on earth "in your situation," even if you were the only one of your kind... would you do things any differently than you're doing them now? Would you stop pursuing your sexual interests with a like-minded, consenting partner who digs you? Would you curl up on the floor and weep?

Hopefully your answers to the above questions are "no," "no," and "no."

I wish all my readers were lucky enough to find themselves in "a situation like [yours]." Hot sex, fun kinks, indulgent partner—you won the sex-and-boyfriend sweepstakes, FM. Stop worrying, stop whining.