Do you like videogames? Then you probably already know that the annual E3 convention is currently turning Los Angeles into a slightly shinier hell hole by the Pacific Ocean.

Way to ruin my intro, shitbird.

This year's event is relatively lame, to be straight with you — and I still oppose the idea of reopening the show to the public (seriously, fuck those guys) — but that doesn't mean that a few snippets of coolness haven't found their way to the show floor.

Hit the jump and I'll run down a quick list of the gaming ephemera you'll be drooling over, at least until you stop.

  • Capcom

Marvel Vs Capcom 3:
Considering I've spent nearly $500 buying various copies of its predecessor, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 can't get here soon enough. People who've played it claim it plays more like the recent Tatsunoko Vs Capcom than MvC2, but honestly I'm just in it for the wacky character combinations. Deadpool + Wolverine + Mega Man = Billions Of Dollars In Marketing Synergy!

Also, Capcom wins a bag of cats covered in gold stars for releasing gorgeous footage that *gasp* actually appears to be in-game fight video!


(And a whole bunch of other examplecelsiors! at SRK)

AND it looks like it has a comfy analog stick! Bonus!
  • Nintendo
  • AND it looks like it has a comfy analog stick! Bonus!

Nintendo 3DS:
I won't lie, I doubted this whole dumb scheme. 3D anything is usually terrible looking at best and, at worst, physically damages the end user. Nintendo's next handheld though, which promises to offer real three-dimensional graphics without any stupid glasses or bizarre red-tint actually seems to deliver on its promise, at least according to everyone who has seen it at E3.

Also rad? That it marks a vertical technology jump from the current DS. Meaning? Prettier, shinier, faster games, regardless of any 3D gimmickery. I'm tentatively excited, if only because rumors hold that we'll be seeing big name blockbuster games like Street Fighter IV and Metal Gear Solid 3 popping up on the newly pimpified handheld.

Twisted Metal:

Ok, so Sony didn't really say anything aside from "We're doing a Twisted Metal sequel for the PlayStation 3 and it lands in 2011," but that's enough to get my car combat knickers in a twist.

Portal 2:

Well, this was essentially going to fill in this space, but then Erik started bouncing around the foyer and peeing all over the floor like a speedfreak Corgi.

So yeah, Portal 2. Expect clever writing, physics puzzles and yet another depressing reminder that Old Man Murray is never coming back.

Golden Sun:

Nintendo announced a ton of shit (including an underwhelming, if pretty-as-all-fuck Legend of Zelda sequel), but the coolest, most unexpected announcement was for a sequel to the company's widely forgotten Golden Sun roleplaying series. If you were a GameBoy Advance owner in 2001 and you didn't own at least one of the GS games, you proab

Expect another E3 'Splosion at the end of the week, assuming anything else manages to pique my interests. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to count the seconds until one of you calls me a pissturtle for intentionally skipping that new Legend of Zelda game.