Seattle Weekly had a bit of a dig at us this morning, in a post that bears the headline, "World Cup Ratings Prove Seattle Is More Soccer-Mad Than Portland." One Caleb Hannan goes on to elaborate:

According to Nielsen, Seattle-Tacoma is averaging a 2.2 rtg (which translates to about 41,000 households per match) for the World Cup through yesterday's matches (25 on ESPN and four on ABC). That ranks 16th among the 56 metered markets, which is right in line with Seattle's population numbers.
Welly well, a big old pat on the back to Seattle for neither falling short of or surpassing ratings expectations. But here's the real question: How is Portland measuring up?
Portland, meanwhile, has only managed a 1.5 rtg, placing it 50th out of 56 cities, and well below its ranking as the 25th largest media market in the country. Shiver those Timbers, Rose City. (I'm not even sure what that means. But it sounded kind of cool in my head.)

This is surprising. As near as I can tell, we're pretty soccer-mad here. The games seem to be televised everywhere. I even caught a glimpse of the match today when I went out to pick up lunch. Hmm, maybe Portlanders are watching the games together, in public, sharing the company of their fellow sports enthusiasts, instead of cloistering themselves away in solitude like those loner Seattleites. Yeah, that explains it! I guess that means we're greener, too.