Just for chuckles, how about you two switch jerseys? Excuse me, I need a drink now.
  • Just for chuckles, how about you two switch jerseys? Excuse me, I need a drink now.

Tonight marks the 2010 NBA draft, where a bunch of college players you are vaguely familiar with get their portrait taken with NBA commissioner David Stern while executives sit in back rooms wheeling and dealing players at a frenzied pace. I'll be at the Blazers' facilities this afternoon for a Blogtown live blog, but until then, here is a draft day guide for Portland fans who don't want to get caught up in all the hoopla and rumors on this wondrous day.

Rumor: The Blazers will trade for Chris Paul.
It's becoming abundantly clear that Paul's days are numbered in New Orleans, but given the robust free agent crop this season, the Hornets won't be in a hurry to ship off their superstar player in the next 12 hours. The Blazers have salivated over Paul for as long as we can remember, but they are not alone. He's a future Hall of Fame player and unfortunately (for the Blazers) his future likely hinges on the LeBron sweepstakes that will launch on the July 1. Until then, it seems highly unlikely that Paul is traded to Portland, or anywhere else, this evening.
Odds that it will actually happen: 5%

Rumor: The Blazers will trade Rudy Fernandez.
¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡Sí! Rudy's run of breaking hearts and burying three pointers in a Blazers uniform has come to a close. Last season Fernandez failed to improve on his rookie year performance, instead he spent most of the year pouting and complaining to the Spanish media that he doesn't want to play here anymore. He'll likely get his wish tonight, while team replica jersey sales—and female interest in the team—plummet.
Odds that it will actually happen: 80%

Rumor: The Blazers will trade one of their picks, move up in the draft, or acquire more picks—or some combination of those three things.
They've already made one move a few days back—sending cash and the 44th pick to the Warriors for the 34th selection—and this scenario is far more likely to happen than a blockbuster deal that nets the team Paul, a sign and trade LeBron James, and the soul of John Wooden (Ghost Coach!). But acquiring picks is boring (until that pick blossoms into Nicoas Batum), where's the instant gratification?
Odds that it will actually happen: 70%

Rumor: The Blazers will do something C-R-A-Z-Y.
If previous draft day rumors ever came to fruition, the NBA would be unrecognizable right now. While alleged trades are constantly floated about, few deal are actually finalized. So while you might hear whispers that Portland wants Luol Deng, Mo Williams, or [insert any player's name here just as long as it is not Brian Scalabrine], it probably won't happen. But, Kevin Pritchard lives for this shit. And since he is days (weeks?) away from losing his job, Portland's GM might have less reservations about going out in a blaze of glory. Let's just say that if I was Jerryd Bayless or Joel Przybilla's expiring contract, I'd be frightened right about now.
Odds that it will actually happen: 20%