The Tea Party Bookshop in Salem, Oregon is changing its name to "Tigress Books," because associating itself with dangerous animals is much, much safer than associating with the likes the Teabaggers. Owner JoAnne Kohler told the Washington Post:
“People would be calling us asking where the rallies were,” Kohler said. And those on the other side of the political spectrum “would tell me ‘I saw the name of your store and was afraid to walk in!’”

“Of course, then they would walk in and smell the incense and see the prayer flags all over,” she said.

I don't know if the new motto, “Wildly Independent!”, is really far enough away, though that does demonstrate how political extremes in both directions tend to intersect, at least in branding. Embracing the revolutionaries in the Tea Party is a game we can all play.

No word on whether it's still okay for kids to play "tea party" with dolls, or if England has plans to change their hot beverage-related festivities.