This morning, Congress passed what people are calling "the most sweeping overhaul of U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression."

Taliban commanders in Afghanistan say the firing of Gen. McChrystal is "another victory" for their side. The general's firing will also embolden Pakistan in their attempts to make a political settlement in Afghanistan that is likely to undermine US interests.

Iran has postponed a humanitarian aid ship it was going to send to Gaza, "because of restrictions imposed by Israel."

A legal defense fund for Sarah Palin that collected $400,000 from donors was illegal, and now she has to return all that money.

A new Internet domain will be just for teh porns!! Go register your .xxx site, perverts!

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Someone drove a Mitsubishi Montero into the window of a Dollar Tree in Aloha. No one was hurt.

A lot of people bought new iPhones yesterday. Apple expects 1 to 1.5 million to be sold by Saturday.

Another booming industry: Whalewatching. Thirteen million people for $2.1 million last year were for some reason interested in the pastime.

This headline needs no explanation: "Scientists discover that Jupiter moon smells terrible"

An Amtrak train from Portland struck and killed a pedestrian on the tracks in Washington.