...and a beautiful morning it is. Here's the news:

Tropical storm Alex (currently a "depression") is headed for the Gulf. You know what that means: hope you like Corexit in your swimming pools, Louisiana.

BP quietly plans to redesign its collection system for easier disconnection in the event of a hurricane.

Protesters at the G20 summit in Toronto are partying like it's 1999: burning police cars, busting up Starbuckses, and the like. Police have arrested more than 500 people as a shadowy cabal delegates from the world's richest countries devise the new world order an economic framework.

Cheney: I ain't dead yet, bitches!

Election day in Kyrgyzstan is surprisingly calm after earlier riots.

The West African nation of Guinea holds its first elections after decades of army rule.

Heavy lobbying takes the stage in the drafting of a new financial reform bill, which I don't think your average citizen has much hope for after the non-event that was "sweeping healthcare reform."

The CIA director says Al Qaeda is the weakest it's been since the September 11 attacks.

A man has been arrested in for stabbing his girlfriend to death at their N. Alberta Street home.

North Portland hosts Sunday Parkways today until 3:00... the streets are open to bikes, and closed to cars! Meanwhile, PBOT looks for money to continue the event.