Hello hello, True Blood fans. I am glamoring you into clicking the jump so we can unpack this week's episode. Is it working?

What do you mean Brit-pop is over?
  • "What do you mean Brit-pop is over?"

Ok, first thing's fucking first: Bill and Lorena. WTF dude!??! That was some seriously disturbing shit! What else can I say? That must be having sex Mississippi-style. When in Jackson, Bill.

I should also note that I enjoyed another peek into Bill's past. The only time True Blood out-geeks itself is when it gets all costume drama.

Second thing's fucking second: werewolves. Each week the werewolf world is filling out more and more and I'm really enjoying the contrast between their style and the vampires'. The vamps are a little more gothic and date rape-y while the wolves are all totally completely straight bikers with that will-knowingly-give-you-herpes look. Even the decent werewolf we met this week falls pretty low on the ladder of attractive males on this show. Am I right ladies and dudes or were you digging the Brawny Man look?

At least he's not gonna go after Sookie (yet). I thought the Eric/Sookie thing felt kind of forced this week, like they were just going through the motions. I also was still a little bored with Sam's family drama. It's kinda like a white trash Animorphs. I did enjoy Sam's daddy with a platter full of multi-colored shots in front of him, though. Were those all for Sam's prick of a little brother or was the party just starting?

Jessica and Hoyt are still apart, but Jessica's bigger problem just got bigger with the addition of Tara's junkie-chic, head-ventriloquist vampire lover. Yup that's right, Eggs is still dead and Tara's still alive. Alive and having mind-blowing sex with a strung out Wayne Coyne. That was some gross post-coital glow. Maybe when Tara becomes a vampire she'll lighten up like Jessica did and stop being so pissy.

Oh yeah, and Jason wants to be a cop but without doing all the hard work. Meanwhile Andy Bellefleur must be head cop now that Bud inexplicably quit. Sad cuz you only get one or two lines every other episode, Bud?

Stray notes and quotes
Who is Arlene's baby-daddy?
Lafayette works for Hoyt and Jason's construction company?
I loved Hoyt's non-response to Jason's question to whether he'd rather be protected by himself or Andy.
I also loved Hoyt's "HUNTING" shirt.
Werewolves drink Zima.
"Don't ever get married, Sam. The second you do that's when they start to woman ya." HE'S RIGHT, YA KNOW!
"I've got a lot on my mind lately." "That must feel new."
"'It's not you, it's me'? If I had a nickel for every time... I'd have fifteen cents!"

I think True Blood fans should do a shot whenever characters have a silly conversation catching up about things that happened episodes ago (example: Sookie: "You heard about the...?" Sam: "Yeah! Jesus Christ! Andy shot him?" I also think we should do a shot whenever there's a strained scene that reminds us that Sookie and Tara are bestest friends (example: Awww, Sookie bought a grave for Eggs! Wake me when Pam's blowing the Estonian girl again).