It's been a slow climb back into the nation's heart for Paul Reubens but 2010 just might be his year. First there's his promising clips from Todd Solondz's new exercise in pain, Life During Wartime and now Variety is reporting that Reubens and yet-to-be-unseated comedy king Judd Apatow are developing a new Pee-wee Herman movie together.

Ill be good this time! I promise!
  • "I'll be good this time! I promise!"

"Let's face it, the world needs more Pee-wee Herman," Apatow told Daily Variety. "I am so excited to be working with Paul Reubens — who is an extraordinary and ground-breaking actor and writer. It's so great to watch him return with such relevance."

The partnership came about after Apatow saw Reubens' recent "Pee-wee Herman Show" revival at the Nokia Theater, where it played to packed houses in January and February. The show is bound for a 10-week stint on Broadway at the Stephen Sondheim Theater starting Oct. 26.

Reubens said he was incredibly gratified by Apatow's interest in collaborating on a pic.

"There is no one like Judd in our business — he loves comedy with emotion and heart, and he sees what we do as art," Reubens said. "I can't believe I'm getting this opportunity to be working with him."

So there ya go. As long as Reubens doesn't release his pee-wee in any more movie theaters we might get another chance to see Pee-wee released in movie theaters. BWAHAHAHAHAHA(shootme)