Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you kill time before the massive reissue of Darkness on the Edge of Town is released. Hopefully now Bruce Springtseen can afford some extra mics instead of always having to share one with Steve Van Zandt.

My fandom for Erykah Badu is so great that I will bravely trudge out to the Sleep Country Amphitheater and sit through the entire Lilith Fair just to see here. Well, her and Sarah McLachlan. I just love that song with all the abused pets in the video.

Erykah Bad- "Window Seat"

We check in with Rhett Miller and The Old 97s as the band holes-up in a London studio trying to make their very own London Calling. Works for me, just as long as someone smashes a bass guitar in the cover photo.

The Old 97s - "The One"

In a few short years Ty Segall has gone from a graduate of Los Angeles DIY institution The Smell, to the face of the San Francisco garage scene.

Ty Segall - "Imaginary Person"

Pinback is still Pinback, but now they just want to be called The Rob and Zach Show. You can expect all the same hits as before, but a little quieter and with less members on stage.

Pinback - "Penelope"

End Hits: Speaking of Lilith, here is the best press release headline ever: "Crystal Light® Helps Fans Stay Watered while Rocking Out at Lilith."