Hey, wanna see 2012 for free?

Wait. No. Shit. That's not right. I meant 2012: A Time for Change, which starts tomorrow at the Living Room Theaters. Here's what Andrew "The Intern" Michaan had to say about it:

2012: Time for Change
"Can we evolve our consciousness to reconnect with the natural world?" So asks this depressing yet hopeful documentary about how everything is basically fucked (but we can fix it!). Yoga, green urban planning, and psychedelic drugs are among the scattered film's proposed solutions to the world's dire economic, political, and environmental crises. 2012 is not necessarily a bad film—it's just full of information you probably already know. You're better off spending your money on a yoga mat or a compost bin, which is essentially what the movie wants you to do anyway. ANDREW "THE INTERN" MICHAAN

Still sound good to you? Of course it does, hippie. I've got two pairs of tickets to see it tomorrow at the Living Room Theaters. They're good for any showtime, and all you have to do to enter to win a set of tickets is email me no later than 5 pm PST today, July 1.

Make sure your subject line is "Cusack," and make sure to let me know what time you and your hippie friend want to see the movie tomorrow. I'll email back the two lucky winners around 6 pm to let 'em know how they can pick up their tickets. Have at.