Richard Bain, Ron Funches and Ian Karmel
  • Richard Bain, Ron Funches and Ian Karmel

If you've been wondering about the Portland comedy scene's potential, hot damn, this show is about the best introduction ever. It's about as good as it gets—the one to see if you've been wavering. Ron Funches, Richard Bain and Ian Karmel are arguably Grumptown's three best young comedians. Hell, forget young—they might be the three best by any measure. Karmel just won Portland's Amateur Comedy Contest. Bain, who's been touring more and more, had a video short featured on Conan O'Brien. Funches is on the cusp of going pro.

If you've never seen stand up live, or have been turned off in the past, this is a phenomenal show that'll change your mind. Take a chance. If you don't end up loving one of these comedians—much less all three—you have no sense of humor and everyone hates you.

Ron Funches, Richard Bain, Ian Karmel + Shane Torres, live at the Brody Theater, Friday July 2nd @ 10:00PM

A classic set from Ron Funches at the inaugural Bridgetown: