• Panel from the remastered Casanova #1. Art by Gabriel Bá, colors by Cris Peter, letters by Dustin Harbin.

Tonight at Floating World Comics (20 NW 5th), hotshot comics writer Matt Fraction is gonna be signing from 5-8 pm. Fraction's celebrating/promoting the re-release of the first issue of his mind-bending, supercool series Casanova, which if you haven't read yet, you really, really should. (You should also read Fraction's Eisner-winning run on The Invincible Iron Man, his Mark Twain/Nikola Tesla team-up adventure The Five Fists of Science, and his clever, fun superhero book The Order, for starters.)

I spoke with Fraction for this week's paper; a short version of our interview is here, a more-or-less-complete transcript of our whole rambling conversation is here. Read up, then head over to Floating World this evening.