The murmured about PDX Bridge Festival's schedule of events is now available. The nonprofit, led by creative director Tucker Teutsch 3.0 (chalk up the name to his background as a collaborator on the "Basura Sagrada" temple at the 2008 Burning Man), uses the 100th birthday of the Hawthorne Bridge as its jumping off point (no pun intended). The events scheduled (July 23-August 8) involve all the Willamette bridges that "connect us all," however. There's an Art Spark pre-party on the 15th featuring the announcement of "a huge opportunity for local artists"; a kick-off party featuring "2-D, 3-D and performance art works of over 50 Portlanders"; a Wanderlust Circus "fairy tale retelling of our occluded city's first boom, when barons of industry engineered the future of the Willamette river"; a Hawthorne Bridge Centennial party with the March Fourth Marching Band and Solovox, and a whole slew of other free shows and bike/walking tours, art exhibits, and more. Even if you avoid the festivities, it'll be hard to miss the "Lift 100" fabric and light installation that's supposed to (safely, one assumes) "interact with the nightly vehicle and bike traffic" on the Hawthorne Bridge. They're flipping the switch on it on July 24, but it will remain up for the duration of the festival. The other big showpiece is the August 7 brunch on the Hawthorne bridge, where the center lanes will be turned into 25,000 sf of lawn on which 10 Portland food carts will set up shop—sounds great, but there's only room for 2,000 people, and you have to buy bumper sticker at Whole Foods (or on the web site) to register for the drawing of people who will actually be allowed in. If nothing else, peep the schedule to plan your commute accordingly.