In the single worst event to hit the radio airwaves since Rick Dees introduced the world to this fella, the Mercury's non-award-winning music department has been given a radio show. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon, the Mercury Music Hour will be hijacking the AM dial as part of the recently-announced 94/7too all-local 910 AM station, plus the show will stream online on, and be broadcast on their 94/7too station on HD radio as well.

We'll be playing nothing but the finest local music, both new and old, that Portland has to offer, plus we'll be awkwardly broadcasting from the rumpus room in my cousin's basement—right next to the bumper pool table and Kathy Ireland poster. Quality radio at its finest!

The Mercury Music Hour will debut Monday, July 12 at noon. Please tune in and hear the golden voiced Ned Lannamann and Mumbles McGee (that would be yours truly) as we launch this truly exciting endeavor.

End Hits: Our alternate sales pitch: We're the only thing on AM dial that isn't either sponsored by the Republican party, incredibly religious, en español, or all of the above.