Well, hello there. Thanks for stopping by. Did you see that crazy World Cup final in which it seemed like NOBODY would EVER score? Thankfully, someone did. Here's my favorite tweet:


...and the Irish radio announcer was pretty great too. "He's given out more cards than on holiday... They're-a possessin' the ball real well."

The World Cup turned into a tragedy for some, with at least 40 Ugandans dying in bomb attacks on a restaurant and a rugby club where they were gathered to watch the match.

BP says it's happy with the progress it's making in installing a new, tighter-fitting cap over the leaking well. Somewhere between 48 and 138 million gallons of oil have leaked so far, according to government estimates.

The New York Times bothers to report on what other news outlets have left for dead: the million and a half Haitian citizens with nowhere to live.

The Barefoot Bandit, aka 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, has been arrested in the Bahamas after stealing cars, boats, and even planes. Harris-Moore has attained folk-hero status, with 11,500 Facebook fans... and of course, his number one fan is his mom:

Harris-Moore's mother, Pamela Kohler, has told CNN affiliate KIRO that she wanted her son to turn himself in, but said she was "proud" her son had actually taught himself to fly.

Awwww. Moving on... Robert Gibbs says that Democrats could lose control of the House of Representatives in November elections.

Arizona could face another lawsuit from the federal government over its illegal-catchin' law.

And back at home, Oregonian head editor Peter Bhatia lavishes praise on cop reporter Maxine Bernstein for breaking a story about Kyron Horman's stepmother trying to have his father killed. Continuing the TV news industry's proud tradition of interviewing print reporters at their desks, here's Bernstein on Good Morning America.

Enjoy the rest of the day.