• Greg Borenstein

City Hall already has local bands for their on-hold music and a giant portrait of Isaac Brock in its hallowed halls, so a bunch of bands on their lawn isn't that big of a deal, right? Nope, the annual PDX Pop Now! City Hall show signals the start of your PPN! summer and offers all Portlanders a great way to sit on the city's property and not get a sit/lie ticket. Yeah, stick it to The Man!

This year's all-age show falls on Thursday, July 22, is totally free, and starts at 5:30pm. The lineup will include Nick Jaina Band, Atole, Kelli Schaefer, and Andrew Oliver Quartet. If you've never been, stop on by. In previous years the City Hall shows have been a nice mix of local music fans, casual passerbys, and kids (literally, as in 8-year-olds); it's enough to give even the most jaded Portlander hope for the future.

End Hits: You can't fight City Hall. Seriously, that building is made of like concrete and stuff.