Mike Kuykendall has been the public face of the Sit-Lie law for five years now, pushing for the controversial law in his official capacity as vice president central city services for the Portland Business Alliance and showing up in our paper every couple weeks until the downtown ordinance was declared unconstitutional.

Well now the King of Sit-Lie is leaving the Portland Business Alliance (PBA) for greener pastures: According to the PBA, he'll be heading to be director of downtown "running the services division" for the Portland Police Bureau. The job is the equivalent of an assistant chief's position. The PBA, meanwhile, is advertising for his replacement via Craigslist.

"I think the city and police bureau are both benefiting from this move," says PBA spokeswoman Megan Doern. She says it's not unusual for the PBA to advertise its job openings on Craiglist and that the ad is also in the Oregonian and a couple other jobs sites. The only sketchier job on Craigslist is this one. (I kid! There's also this one.)

Anyway, I asked homeless advocate Patrick Nolen who he'd like to see fill the role. "Someone who realizes that Portland's downtown involves more than just PBA members," he replied.

Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch was upset at the police's decision to bring on Kuykendall, "I can't believe [Chief] Mike Reese went ahead and did that, it really reinforces the good old boy network."