A brewing tropical storm forces oil collection vessels and drilling ships to leave the Gulf oil spill unattended, halting efforts to finish a relief well. This leaves us with only the containment cap (which I hereby christen "little Dutch boy") to hold back further destruction.

Times: Workers on the Deepwater Horizon voiced their concerns about the safety of the rig, before it exploded.

Shirley Sherrod doesn't think she'll take her job back after being fired by the White House based on a video clip edited by a conservative blogger. Good for her.

A Greyhound bus from Los Angeles crashes in Fresno, Calif., and six people are killed.

...and the mayor of Los Angeles breaks his elbow in a bike accident. He was riding in a bike lane when a taxi cut him off.

Plans for a military-exercise pissing contest by the US and South Korea anger North Korea, which says they pose a "major danger to the region." Hey, North Korea may be right about something!

An international court says Kosovo can lawfully be independent.

China readies itself for a typhoon that's expected to cause massive flooding.

And now in "lamely re-reporting another newspaper's lame re-reporting of an article in the National Enquirer that nobody's read," Al "Sex Poodle" Gore faces two new sexual misconduct allegations.

On this day in 1933, Wiley Post became the first guy to fly a plane solo around the world. That was before he started flying with his buddy will Rogers, and this happened: