Mutant Pot Plants on the Loose!
  • Mutant Pot Plants on the Loose!

I was on KPOJ this morning (in for Sarah, who's on vacation) discussing this week's news section. The stories:

Growing Pains: It may be a sign of how far the pro-marijuana movement has come that it's splitting into factions, between those who want to legalize pot and those who could stand to gain from selling it to medical patients in dispensaries.

Plastic Problems: The grocery industry supports Sam Adams's proposed plastic bag ban. Why? So they can save money on plastic bags, of course.

In the Shadows: Queer Patrol. Sarah patrols Old Town gay bars with a bunch of queer-friendly folks lookin' for trouble.

In Other News: Mike Kuykendall of the pro-sit-lie Portland Business Alliance goes to work for his bandmate-buddy Chief Reese; a new gay-marriage ad campaign takes subtlety to new heights.