Have you had a chance to check out the Mercury Music Hour yet, the brand new, all-local, weekly radio show hosted by Ezra Caraeff and myself?


Well, at the risk of self-tooting, it's great, winning such raves as "whoever chose WIPERS is FUCKING RIGHT*" and "You two sound surprisingly and solidly polished**." Other words that can be used to accurately describe the Mercury Music Hour: "adequate," "local," "it's music," "a whole hour, huh?" and "honey it's sooooo wonderful and I am never anything less than very, very proud of you." (That last one would be a quote from my mom, if she had actually ever heard the show, which she has not.)

* courtesy of commenter c cantino
** courtesy of commenter two squatting women

Anyway, if you missed it, you can listen to it right now (and forever!) over on End Hits. You can stream it online, or you can download it and horde it along with all your other useless digital crap. Check it out!

End Hits
: Surprisingly and solidly polished.