Sam Adams just called to let us know that he's setting aside his push for a citywide plastic bag ban to give state legislators a chance to enact a statewide ban.

He's changing the proposed city ordinance to a draft resolution, which the mayor's office is submitting today for review by city council. When the 2011 legislative session starts in January, legislators will introduce a bill that reflects that resolution.

If it doesn't, Adams says he will pursue a city ordinance in October 2011 (the city ordinance was aimed at January 2012, so this could give it a boost of a few months). "We talked to our legislative leadership on the issue, and they were concerned that Portland going first would detract from their [statewide] efforts," says Adams.

That legislative leadership includes legislators Mark Hass and Jackie Dingfelder, Democrats from the Portland metro area who unsuccessfully tried to get a bag ban passed in the February 2010 special legislative session. "Either way, we should have plastic bags banned in Portland by 2012," says Adams, who adds that he favors a statewide ban.