A few hours after the mighty John Hollinger of ESPN told Blazer fans to stop spazzing out and pestering him about how/why/when Portland is going to trade for Chris Paul, news leaked out that Paul does indeed want out of the sinking ship that is the New Orleans Hornets.

Blazer fans, commence spazzing!

Paul will meet with Hornets brass on Monday and while they bring him muffin baskets and attempt to keep their star player in New Orleans, Paul will present them with a list. Groceries? Nope. It's a list of teams he wants to be traded to. Orlando, New York (really?), Dallas, and Portland. Of course, as TrueHoop's Henry Abbott points out, the Hornets can just ignore Paul's wish list, since they have him under contract for two more years. He wouldn't be the first superstar to make trade demands that fall on deaf ears? It wasn't that long ago—before his hand was weighed down by two more championship rings—that Kobe Bryant made a similar demand to the Lakers' management. But the Hornets are not the Lakers, and a handful of expiring contracts and young players might be appealing to a rebuilding New Orleans team. Then again, it's CP3, you just don't just trade a player that.

But if it were to happen—and it probably won't anytime soon—the O's Mike Tokito looks at what each prospective candidate might offer. For Portland that means shipping off the expiring contracts of Joel Pryzbilla, Andre Miller, maybe some guards (Rudy Fernandez and/or Jerryd Bayless), and—brace yourself—bidding adieu to Nicolas Batum.

Blazer fans, would it be worth it?

Totally unrelated: Paul was happy in New Orleans for years until a horrific catastrophe struck New Orleans... Matt Davis moved there. Matt's last day at the office was May 21st. Days later, word leaks out that Paul wants out of the Big Easy. Coincidence? Perhaps...