• TriMet
Portland TriMet has a new Executive Director of Capital Projects: Dan Blocher. Capital Projects is a division of TriMet that works on building and engineering transportation projects around Portland. They've done all the light rail projects, including the Westside Light Rail, the West Commuter Rail, and the I-205 Green Line that just opened.

As new Executive Director, Blocher will be overseeing all these projects. Right now he's got the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project to keep him busy.

Blocher has been with TriMet for 15 years prior to being selected as Executive Director. He took two years away in 2000 to work on a major train project in the UK going from London to Glasgow.

TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetsch sounds appropriately excited about the new appointment, "He's great to work with and he brings tremendous experience and leadership to the table."

This TriMet passenger is also pretty excited: