The good folks at the Found Footage Festival are in town to screen the ultimate in bad '80s movies tonight. For one night only, you can see Computer Beach Party at the Laurelhurst and it's going to be hilarious. Take a gander at the trailer above for proof. Read more about the movie here, but if you're going tonight (and you should), here are the top three things to watch for in Computer Beach Party:

3. The plot of the movie hinges on the possibility of pirate's gold being buried under the beach. So in order to get to the truth of the matter, our heroes pay a visit to... NASA. After all, when you need expertise on something that is underground, it is best to consult the people who look after the exact opposite of that: outer space.

2. When our heroes—actually, let's stop calling them heroes. They are the most monumentally unheroic characters you will ever see in any film. When our protagonists plan the beach party, they simply type into the computer what they want, and it magically appears. "How many girls should we have at this party? 40! How many guys? Only 10! What band should play? Panther!" And so on. But when they get to the issue of sandwiches, this magical party-producing computer is of no assistance. We hear one of our protagonists mutter to the other, "We'll have to pick that up ourselves."

1. After the second big beach party scene (coming directly after the scene where the girl dry heaves into the camera—it's meant to be funny!), there's a shot of the dog eating pizza off the ground. Clumsily overdubbed is a voice saying, "Mmm, I love pizza! Hot rockin' beach party, slurp!" So the dog, ostensibly, talks. Is the dog supernatural? Did this movie just turn into Pet Semetary? The issue is never resolved.

Computer Beach Party TONIGHT at the Laurelhurst Theater, 2735 E Burnside, 9:30, $10