Guys! Time is running out to see the smash hit "Trek in the Park"—in which the Atomic Arts group performs episodes of Star Trek outside at Woodlawn Park. This summer's production of "Space Seed" will only be running this weekend and next, at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, so get there early (crowds have been HUGE)!

PLUS! As you may have heard, I have the great honor of playing a Redshirt in this production, which of course means I have zero lines and get unceremoniously murdered. You can see me this Saturday and next weekend as well, but this Sunday only, our Mercury Charity Auction winner will be taking over the role, so come out and root him on (to die)!

And just in case you need a reminder of the great lineage of murdered Redshirts throughout Star Trek history, check out this convenient (and hilarious) retrospective. Alas, poor Redshirt! I knew thee well.