According to police, a man was STABBED IN THE FACE yesterday afternoon at Comic-Con, allegedly over a fight about (what else) seating for a popular panel. Says EW:

Police are investigating an alleged assault inside San Diego Comic-Con’s 6,000-person Hall H that occurred today around 5 p.m. PST. According to San Diego police, one man stabbed another in the face near the eye in a dispute over seating near the rear of the hall. Police say attendees subdued the attacker, who was arrested without further incident, and led out of the hall by police in handcuffs to boos from the crowd, according to an EW reporter on the scene. The victim was taken to the hospital, and the person’s status remains unknown.

Apparently the face stabbing occurred in between the panels for Resident Evil: Afterlife and the upcoming sci-fi flick Paul starring Simon Pegg. REALLY, NERD? You're trying to stab somebody's eye out over Simon Pegg? One thing I am curious about, though: Was the boos from the crowd directed at the eye stabber or the cops? I am from Portland, after all.

UPDATE! According to MTV, the stabbing took place just before the Universal Studios panel which included updates on Paul as well as Cowboys and Aliens featuring a guest appearance by Harrison Ford... still no excuse. The fight allegedly took place because the victim was trying to save a seat for a friend, and of course, the assailant was wearing a Harry Potter T-shirt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! (Our condolences to the victim.)

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