Soon you will be able to buy a cheap used car and get smoked out by some kindhearted volunteers, all in the same couple blocks of SE 82nd Avenue.

The original Cannabis Café opened in November 2009 at 700 NE Dekum Street. It allowed medical marijuana cardholders a place to light up for free in the company of others, but it drew some complaints from neighbors in the area. Finally a dispute between Oregon NORML Executive Director Madeline Martinez (from whom we heard last week) and café owner Eric Solomon (who printed up T-shirts advertising the place as "Rumpspankers Vapor Bar" without warning Martinez) led them to shut the doors in May.

Now Oregon NORML is back with a new spot at 322 SE 82nd, far from Solomon and the NIMBYs. “I am so excited about our new location; we will be able to serve our community so much better,” says Martinez in a press release. More information will be available at the OrNORML website as the July 31 opening date nears.