Local quadriplegic cartoonist Callahan passed away this weekend at age 59. Hope he gets to roll right up to the front of the line at the pearly gates.

American military leaders strongly suspect that Pakistani spies have been encouraging the Afghan insurgency. UNBELIEVABLE! The CIA would never do anything like that!

According to reports released by WikiLeaks, the Taliban is stronger than ever. HEY! That runs counter to everything we've been told!!

WikiLeaks also reveals possible evidence of American war crimes in Afghanistan. Again, SHOCK.

Fox News accused of racism! Stop it! My heart can't take too many more of these surprises!

BP's board of directors vote today on whether or not to shitcan insufferable prick and CEO Tony Hayward.

Spanish man
undergoes first full face transplant. And sure... I'd fuck him. Why not?


Government gives you the legal okay to jailbreak your iPhone. Suck it, Jobs!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Upper 80s today and tomorrow, lower 80s throughout the week!

And finally, when actor Ron Livingston (Office Space) isn't acting, he makes money by being a Keyboard Cat impersonator. Hey, it's a living.