I don't know why Glee is at Comic-Con but they are and co-creator Ryan Murphy is being dropping spoilers like they're hot about season two.

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As I grumbled in my weekly Glee updates over the last season, I've been sorta disenchanted with the series' apparent decision to push adult-oriented storylines into the background in deference to pure spectacle and high school drama. Not that I hate spectacle or high school drama, but part of what initially made Glee more than just a Hannah Montana with an "edge" was the sobering stuff about the adults at William McKinley High coming to terms with the fact that they aren't living the lives they imagined growing up.

Glee spent most of its wildly successful first season figuring out just what the fuck kind of show it was, veering from real pathos to snark and meta-humor to high school soap opera, punctuating each change with a remarkably varied selection of songs to pay tribute to/ruin. From Murphy's Comic-Con panel it looks to me like Fox's campiest show is finally deciding which way to butter its bread. Surprise! Celebrity guest stars and teen drama are in, the crushed dreams of William McKinley's staff and teachers are out. Let's discuss after the jump!

Just because Glee is not shaping up to be the show I wanted it to be doesn't mean that I dislike whatever it's actually becoming. The difference is I've stopped defending the show beyond my stance that it's fun to watch people sing. Every one of the revelations Murphy dropped at Comic-Con made me both cringe and shrug. Some are gonna hit, some are gonna miss. Whatever. It's fun to watch people sing, right? I'll let you decide which of these sound like a train wreck and which sound totally awesome:

A Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.
A "fun, hallucinogenic" Britney Spears-centric episode.
An episode that fleshes out Brittany's character.
Tina falling out of love with Artie and into love with Mike Chang (the silent Asian guy who dances real good).
A Glee Super Bowl tribute episode.
Mercedes and Kurt going to Mercedes' church in an episode that focuses on religion.
The kids all realizing that they're actually in their twenties and that they haven't achieved what they were dreaming about in season one. It all comes full circle and I start defending it to my friends again. "No, you guys, it's actually really good!"

HT to Blogtown commenter Graham for the link.