Sure, somebody got stabbed in the eye at Comic-Con. But you know what cancels out the ickiness of nerd-on-nerd violence? Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern oath to an adorable nerdlet! If this doesn't make your goddamn day, you have no soul.

Dammit. This year I skipped Comic-Con, taking a break from the pop-culture clusterfuck for the first time in a couple of years. Overall, it was a good decision—KNIFE TO THE EYE—but I'm sincerely bummed I missed a few things: the above Green Lantern moment, the Scott Pilgrim panel that turned into a Scott Pilgrim screening that turned into a Metric concert, the Avengers orgy, and, obviously, Spider-Baby.

Thanks to Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts. Also, thanks to Marjorie for letting me post this, even though her love for Ryan Reynolds is arguably even greater than mine.