Everyone loved Rudy Fernandez when he almost broke his neck. Now, not so much.
  • Everyone loved Rudy Fernandez when he almost broke his neck. Now, not so much.

This morning on 95.5, the O's Blazer beatwriter Jason Quick predicted that there would be "drama" regarding a Blazers player in the next 24-48 hours. Panic!

But why should we let the press row Nostradamus get the scoop? Besides, 48 hours is soooo far away. This is the internet. I want uninformed comments, and I want them now! Let's wildly speculate what this "drama" will be.

The drama candidates:
1. Rudy Fernandez
Like a naïve teenager finding themselves while traveling through Europe, we fell for the smooth shooting Rudy Fernandez at first sight. He lit up Team USA in the '08 Olympics, nearly won the dunk contest, and set an NBA record for three-pointers made by a rookie. Then last year happened. Rudy's shots stopped falling, and he pouted his way through the playoffs, complaining to the overseas media about lack of playing time and his deteriorating relationship with Coach Nate McMillan. Rudy clearly wants out—hey, he made a list, how cute—but the Blazers has yet to deal him. Looks like he might either directly demand a trade, or refuse to report to training camp. Drama odds: 80%

2. Andre Miller
Despite a rocky start, Miller had an excellent season with the Blazers, giving them a pass-first point guard with invaluable veteran experience. The team then honors Miller's excellent effort by attempting to trade him (and his expiring contract) to just about every team in the NBA. Clearly the Blazers don't see the 34-year-old as their future at the point, and their vocal attempts to move him probably haven't done wonders to his confidence in the organization. Drama odds: 15%

3. TNT's Leverage
The network that boldly claims "We Know Drama" films in Portland and Timothy Hutton has been spotted at Blazer games. Perhaps this is just all a viral marketing campaign. Drama odds: 5%