Good news: the oil on the surface of the Gulf spill is clearing faster than expected. Bad news: There's gonna be cancer in my fish sticks, right?

A Pakistani passenger plane goes down, killing 152.

Billions of dollars given to Iraq for rebuilding efforts are... ahem.. well... you know... missing?

In Hillbilly News: An Arizona sheriff ain't gonna put up with any of that "civil dis-o-bedience" nonsense while trying to enforce the new "imprison all the brown people" law.

Lawmakers in Catalonia, Spain have banned bullfighting. Bulls respond, "But goring humans is still okay, right?"

declares war on al-Qaida. Glad you could join us?

Cops say there has been "significant progress" made in the Kyron Horman case, and have raised the reward for information from $25,000 to $50,000.

NYC desperately tries to curb their bedbug infestation. (Confidential to Sarah Mirk vacationing in NYC: You are no longer allowed in Portland.)

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Morning clouds develop into low '80s today, cooling down to 75 by the weekend.

And finally, Justin Bieber (EEEEEEEEE!!!) learns the hard way that pop stars shouldn't use a Segway to escape a mob of squealing girls. (EEEEEEEE!!!)