Medical marijuana users are angry about a recent Oregonian editorial that claimed to get to the root of the pot-dispensary measure by saying it's just a cloaked step in a quest toward legalization. Clearly they didn't read this reporter's recent article on the debate. From the editorial:

Forget the euphemisms — what after all, is a "dispensary" anyway? It's a store the state legally entitles to sell pot. What's going on here is nothing more or less than a backdoor effort to expand marijuana use while dancing gingerly around federal law that still prohibits the production, distribution and use of the drug.

The editorial also put "patients," "medicine," "medical marijuana," "severe pain," and "dispensaries" in scare quotes. Now Anthony Johnson and other supporters of Initiative 28 are planning to rally in protest outside the Oregonian's headquarters, tomorrow at 10:30 am.

"It’s despicable that The Oregonian would disparage seriously ill patients simply for treating their symptoms with a medicine recommended by their doctor and that they are authorized to use under state law,” said Jim Klahr, CEO of Oregon Green Free, in a press release about the protest.

Potheads clash with journalists (and ne'er the twain shall meet, by my word!) at 10:30 am tomorrow, at the O mothership, 1320 SW Broadway.