Hey Blogtownies, over on End Hits we've got a review and some mp3s for a new seven-inch that we didn't have room for in the paper this week. It's a split between Boom! and White Fang, and is a sort of new experiment: a series of recordings done in the spirit of the Peel Sessions, from the late great John Peel's radio show, in which he'd have a band in the studio to do a quick, mostly-but-not-entirely-live recording session. The seven-inch is great, featuring a really heartfelt ode to drugs (a typical chorus: "marijuan-aaaaa/marijuan-aaaaa") and a picture of a penis that I ended up staring at for much longer than I would have liked. Check out a couple tracks over on End Hits.

ALso, Boom! and White Fang play the release show tomorrow w/Cafeteria Dance Fever; Sat July 31 at Backspace, 115 NW 5th, 9 pm, $5, all ages.

End Hits: Staring at pictures of penises for much longer than necessary.